Finding the right letting agent for you

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In a world of digital agents, country wide and national agents, independent agents, and online agents, it’s tough being a landlord.  So how do you go about finding the right letting agent for you?

Well it all boils down to your idea of service and what level of relationship you want with your agent. We believe that ultimately, whichever option you choose, the end result is the same; you find yourself an agent to manage your property.

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Agents such as “green breezeblocks” or similar are a huge player in the price war.  However a recent large study into what clients look for in their agent shows cost came in at 5th in the list of priorities.  More importantly, the study showed that TRUST was first, taking the top line with best rental gain.

The full list was:

  1. Trust / Best rental gain

  2. Speed of service

  3. Expertise – Local agents with local knowledge of the area in which they work

  4. Contact & Availability of agent

  5. Cost

Some very interesting findings!  So how do you find the right letting agent for you?

Well Kreiga are a fully hands on local service. We offer comprehensive bespoke packages meaning that you, the landlord, set the rules. You pay for the service you want and not the services that make us the most money. We do not have glitzy high street offices keeping our overheads low meaning that this saving can be passed on to you.

We operate in our client’s best interest. This is a statutory duty but unfortunately our competitor’s do stray away from this due to the policies and procedures of their large organisations.

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To help you decide what service suits you best, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want a hands on or off service?
  • Do you want an agent that offers you the best service for you or the best service for them?
  • Do you want an agent with large overheads meaning increase costs for you?
    Do you want an agent that offers you their best service when selling to you or an agent that offers you the best service throughout your relationship with them?
  • Do you want an agent who upsells or an agent that offers sound honest advice?


finding the right tenantSome of our competitor’s rely on up to 60 percent of upselling to keep their business afloat.  There is no consideration in this for what is best for the customer as it’s about staff thinking of commission & bonus.


At Kreiga, we are able to operate freely and will treat your property as if it was our own offering you an unrivalled service.

Our team are experienced tenancy management professionals. We have worked in both social and private sector and this is what makes us different.

We offer an all-encompassing tenancy management service to our clients and not just tenant placement.   To find out more go to

We have the skills and experience to ensure you never need to look elsewhere.

Kreiga – Lettings made simple.

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